10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

When it comes to your home, there are many Interior design styles in front of you. people think that there are only two options (traditional & contemporary) but in reality, there are more than 10 species that exist. Let me tell you about it one by one so that the choice is easier for you.

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

1.What is Interior Design

The word "design" actually means: planning, drawing, construction and construction and a good interior design is one of the important parts of any building to suit the needs and tastes of its inhabitants.

In this article, we have a wide range of the most widespread interior design styles.

2.The most common interior design styles

Remember that the main goal of any interior design is to create harmony and consistency. But what suits your lifestyle and taste? This question is asked by many people., in our opinion a person should know the styles of interior design and the most common to improve the choice because each style has its details.

1.Contemporary style

Contemporary style is one of the most common design styles so that it is considered a style that mixes elements of the past with the latest modern trends and refers to new and innovative designs currently, depending on technological advances.

It features an elegant space that may include classic wooden floors, and simple lighting that shows contemporary home décor

Common elements of contemporary style include:

  1. Simple motifs
  2.  Neutral colors
  3.  Natural materials
  4.  Clean lines
  5. Few and spaced accessories

2.Modern style

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Modern style refers to a certain period of time, and in essence focuses on function rather than form, the design is inspired by the present era. This means that the modern style is constantly evolving as we move forward towards the future.

One of the most distinctive features of the modern style is its emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. This means that there are few details or ornate motifs,.

Some of the key elements of the modern style include the following:

  • Clear lines and simple shapes

  • Lots of natural light

  • Focus on function rather than form

  • Use of natural materials

  • Focus on simplicity in shape

3.Traditional style

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Traditional interior design is one of the most famous interior design styles in the world, it is a classic and warm style characterized by originality and luxury in all its details, and has become popular in the twentieth century. 

Traditional design often integrates rich and deep colors into the scheme. Dark wood, jewel tones and saturated colors are common in traditional spaces.

4.Transitional style

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

It is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary styles, so that it is characterized by traditional elegance with modern textiles and lines,  gives you great freedom when choosing pieces of décor and furniture to create an integrated and unique professional design.

The Transitional style is a method of decoration where furnishings, works of art and dialects are selected from a variety of sources and eras. Unlike other styles that prefer a uniform look

5.minimalist style

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

One of the best ways to achieve simplicity in interior design is to use minimalist style elements. It is based on the concept of "least is more" because it requires the use of elements necessary only to create a functional and aesthetic space.

Achieving simplicity in design is actually very difficult.Because it requires a lot of thought and self-control on the part of the designer.

The minimalist method can be applied to any type of space, from home to office to retail store

Some of the basic elements of a minimalist model include:

  • Use a limited color palette

  • Stick to cleaning the lines

  • Do not use too much décor

  • Stick to a few of the main pieces of furniture

  •  Use a negative distance

6. bohemian style

If you're attracted to the bohemian style but aren't sure where to start, here are some tips for creating a bohemian-inspired space in your home.

Known as the Boho, Bohemian interior design has become popular over the past few years, although its historical roots go back to 1800 in France.

The bohemian style blends natural and organic elements in a very stylish and functional appearance. In this design you may find more bamboo, straw, textiles and brightly colored antique furniture, as well as animal skins and metal elements.

Bohemian space should be overly busy or crowded. In fact, starting with a neutral base (think of white walls or light-colored floors) can help.

7.Scandinavian style

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

The first appearance of this pattern was in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In these countries, the long winter months and dark days meant that people needed to find ways to make their homes cheerful and welcoming.

The Scandinavian interior is characterized by its warm and very delicate colors, often white, gray and beige, and this style includes light-colored floors and simple and elegant decorative touches, as well as appropriate and comfortable textures, glass furniture and pleasant spaces

8.Modern Farmhouse style

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

The interior design of the modern farm has a lot of characteristics that distinguish it from others, as its idea revolves around natural materials, often characterized by warm rural elements, such as exposed beams and stone fireplaces, it is a wonderful style that combines the farm and modernity. 

9.Hollywood Glam style

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

The  of the Hollywood Glam style date back to the golden age of Hollywood in the thirties. He achieved wide fame in California in the middle of the twentieth century,this style is often seen in the homes of the rich and famous, as well as in high-end hotels and resorts.

It is an elegant and glossy interior design style, based on gold, Art Deco, vibrant colors and varnish-plated finishes.

This charming style is simple in using classic colors, based on gray and purple and a black and white striped along with golden surfaces.

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